More Leads Means More Business

It’s Our Business To Make That Happen

In order to grow your business, you need more leads.

But relying on referrals, word of mouth and inbound prospecting to get those leads is not the best way of doing so.

It’s unpredictable. You’re dependent on others...

And you’re not in control.

You already know that. You know outbound prospecting is a much better way to generate leads and prospects. And you also know that it’s difficult to find enough time to identify your target customers, reach out to them, and introduce them to your company.

Lead Bound knows all these things too. So, we’ll take charge of your outbound prospecting.

We’ll deliver a steady stream of leads.

We’ll start warm conversations between you and your ideal clients.

We’ll build relationships that turn leads into prospects and prospects into clients.

We’ll do all that every day.

Our clients gain 20 qualified calls minimum per month as a result of our outbound marketing methods.

Constant Stream of Leads

Day in, Day out

Campbell Watson, the Founder of Clarity Animations came to us because he was struggling with bad deliverability in his current outbound strategies which resulted in minimal leads and put a real choke-hold on his business.

We started working with Campbell and we were able to fill his calendar with prospects that were more than happy to jump on a call with him.

By doing this, we were able to give Campbell the ability to work on other areas in his business and no longer have the worry or stress of finding new prospects.

How it Works

Step 1 - Onboarding

Once you sign up, we'll require you to fill in our onboarding form which gives us crucial information about your business and your offering.

From the information you’ve provided us in the onboarding form and the research we conduct, we’ll be able to assemble your ideal client avatar.

We’ll also look at some of your current clients and what they have in common which gives us the ability to discover more potential clients that are exactly like them. We will be able to identify what social networks they use, groups they’re a part of and in some cases, certain software they may use.

Step 2 - Prospecting

At the prospecting stage, we delve into your ideal audience based on your customer avatar and get hard to find company information, key decision-makers that are identical, along with data such as email address, social profiles, and geography.

This prepares us for our next step as we end up with a refined list of prospects ready to receive your messages.

Step 3 - Campaign design

With your ideal client in mind, and the information we have gathered, we create the outbound strategy and craft sequences for both email and LinkedIn.

With your approval, we then launch the campaign and begin to monitor the responses that come in and act accordingly.

All campaign sequence messages will come to a stop if prospects respond on either LinkedIn or email.

All auto reply and out of office messages that come through via email will get flagged and will be acted on depending on the message.

Step 4 - Optimize and refine

We run your campaign statistics against our in-house benchmarks to ensure your campaign runs flawlessly.

We constantly run A/B split tests to ensure maximum performance and results.

We will send you monthly reports with in depth statistics so you can monitor the campaign performance.

Step 5 - Scheduling

Within days after you sign up, positive responses will come in from prospects wanting to organize a time for a meeting. We will then take them through our scheduling sequence to lock in a time to talk with you.

Our scheduling sequence is custom built so no leads fall through the cracks.

Once meetings have been secured, you’ll receive meeting confirmations and with that, we’ll send you all information about the prospect ie. Company, website, social profile, and any other information we have on the prospect. We will also attach the entire conversation dialogue so you know exactly what conversations have taken place.

All you have to do from here on out is jump on your phone with prospects that can’t wait to talk to you!

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"I am extremely pleased with the service/results, gained quality traction and great meetings that have led to quality deals and long lasting clients. I strongly recommend leadbound to any business looking for serious and quality B2B lead generation"

Stevan Adzic - Peloton

"I have been continuously working with Lead Bound and Nick is helping with lead gen for our digital agency. I can honestly say, that this has been one of my best investments so far. Nick is constantly generating quality leads which many times resulted in closing. His process is easy to follow and brilliant, his insights into the sales funnel are invaluable. He has a holistic and proactive approach. I recommended him many times to my friends or even my Clients."

Kamila Olek - Brand It Up

Results you can expect

We’ll consistently fill your calendars with prospects so you’ll always have the opportunity to close deals and turn those prospects into customers.

On average, we generate a minimum of 20 calls per month for our existing clients based on the leads we deliver to them.

We can do the same for you. Imagine an endless stream of leads and opportunities, and a host of other huge benefits:


Social Awareness

We'll add hundreds of target prospects to your LinkedIn network every month. Everything you post will appear in their news feed.

We'll dramatically increase traffic to your LinkedIn profile by a minimum of 500%. Getting your name and business out there and in front of your ideal prospects.


Steady flow of leads

The outbound prospecting we do on your behalf will help you take charge of the lead generation process.

No longer will you have to rely on patchy sources like word of mouth, referrals, or even PPC like Google, Bing, and Facebook.



With your lead generation taken care of and off your shoulders, you'll be able to focus on other parts of your business that require your time.

You can even pop out of your office and spend some time doing what you love, knowing that this time consuming process is no longer your problem.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of 30 days we don’t produce a minimum of 5 leads, we will refund 100% of your money.

No questions asked.

It’s as simple as that.

This puts us in a position to only sign on customers who will be a great fit for our services.


Companies our outreach methods have secured meetings with

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And that's just the tip of the ice berg...

Well.. What are you waiting for?

Opportunities don't happen. We create them.
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"I love what Nick is doing. He is extremely kind and helpful and a rare one to find. After working with him, I got 6 meetings lined up within a month. Highly efficient and world class execution. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to get their lead generation sorted out."

Rohan Kale - Video Agency